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Commemorative Souvenir

It is with great excitement that I, along with the members of Greater Unity African Methodist Episcopal Church, greet you in the joy of Jesus. This year Greater Unity will host the 159th Session of the South Carolina Annual Conference, August 24th-28th, 2022 located at the Charleston Area Convention Center, 5000 Coliseum Drive, North Charleston SC  29418.  We are truly humbled and count it a great privilege to entertain the churches and clergy of the South Carolina Annual Conference.

On behalf of the entire Greater Unity Church family, we are pleased to extend you an opportunity to be a part of this great event.  As the host church, our Souvenir Journal Committee is in the process of putting together the Commemorative Souvenir Journal.  This Journal will be viewed not only by churches in the South Carolina Annual Conference, but AME churches across the entire connection.

We appreciate your dedication in making our community one that stands tall and is positive in all areas.  As a strong community leader, you have showcased your belief that a great community is built through connecting every part of its entity.  With that said, we are soliciting your support for an ad to be published in our Souvenir Journal.  If you desire to purchase an ad, please make sure that it is in before May 27, 2022.  


Thank you in advance for your continued support and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

We are soliciting your prayers, that we may have a successful Annual Conference.  If you have any questions about ads, accommodations, or any other Conference related activity, please call the church office at (803) 496-7349 or via email at



God Bless,


Randolph Miller

Rev. Randolph Miller, Pastor


Committee Members

Sis. Gloria Pooser

Sis. Jessica Pooser

Sis. Crystal Jones-Thompson

Sis. Beverly Smalls

Bro. Timothy Thompson

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